Compost Outing

We emptied out the bottom of the Aerobins on Sunday. It has been a full four months since the trial started and the material hasn’t broken down as much as we hoped, but it was good enough for one of our key composters to take for her garden. She has spread it around her veggie patch, covered it with soil and will report back on its effects, with any luck!

We then mixed in some rotted manure (good microbes) and dolomite lime (to combat the acidity of manure and kitchen waste) to the remaining material to give the decomposition process a bit of a boost. We hope also to source some straw and an auger to improve the aeration of the bins.


About communitycompost

We are a Melbourne-based group, keen to divert organic waste from landfill by facilitating local compost stations that can be used and managed by the community.
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