Jerry’s Milk Bar Sponsorship and New Compost Bin Designs

After our experiment with contact and printed illustrations (see previous), we had to redecorate two of the bins. A local artist and friend of the team, Chloe, did a magnificent job with a beautiful leafy design. I then painted on sponsorship information. Initially, we didn’t want to go down the road of sponsorship, in case it attracted vandalism, or looked unsightly, but this being a pilot site, we thought it worth trying. We have applied the information in a way that works with the existing design and the sponsorship has paid for the materials used.

Chloe (right) at work with the help of Sharon


Jerry’s cafe had been keen to support a local project (and we are keen to support local businesses and good coffee!) and it will be interesting to see if the designs remain untagged, despite this promotion.


About communitycompost

We are a Melbourne-based group, keen to divert organic waste from landfill by facilitating local compost stations that can be used and managed by the community.
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